Harnessing the power of nature.

There’s no end to what nature can pull off. And that’s good news if you’re an agricultural biotech company. Because it means there’s no end to what we can do either. Using microbiological and natural formulas to achieve optimal soil and plant health are just a few examples. We didn’t invent these moves. Nature did. We just watch — and learn. And work maniacally to put what we witness into our products. Nature is not looking for salvation. It’s looking for co-conspirators. People who understand that the most powerful technology isn’t developed despite nature but in cahoots with it. The result? Cutting-edge agricultural biotech that completely changes the way the world grows.

Our Microbial Innovation Engine

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    Growcentia has a library of 3,500 microbes harvested from soils around the world.

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    Using artificial directed selection (ADS), Growcentia looks at each microbe, identifies them and places them into taxonomical categories to reveal their potential to benefit soil and plant health.

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    Using genetic sequencing, Growcentia identifies and looks at each gene marker of each microbe to determine what helpful soil and plant benefits they deliver and what the impact could be for growers.

Microbial Consortia Partnership of Interactive Species in a circle then its filtered

Our Technology

Growcentia’s technology, anchored by its microbial library and driven by its rigorous R&D program, allows us to create millions of combinations (consortia) of microbes and identify the specific ones that will deliver precise, targeted benefits to soil and plants. Each combination is thoroughly tested during in-house and university trials.

Microbial Platform

Consortia of microbes that mobilize, solubilize or fix nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus (patented) and potassium. This biotechnology platform delivers new products and supports other platforms, which provide new products. Now that’s scale.


A derivative of our Microbial platform, this patent-pending biotechnology delivers a “broth” of metabolites and other compounds that have a catalytic and synergetic effort on a host of plant nutrients. 1 + 1 = 3 or more.

Biocontrol™ (Plant Protection)

When properly channeled and formulated, biologically based solutions can be highly effective in eliminating harmful insects, bacteria and fungi. We wanted solutions that are biodegradable and won’t pollute the soil. This is why we use plant oil extracts as the basis of our plant protection product line.

Our Products

Growcentia uses science to harness the power of nature and develop products that reduce or eliminate dependencies on conventional fertilizers, chemicals and synthetics. Biologically based, Growcentia’s suite of technologies and biological products are built on a foundation of sustainability and regenerative agriculture with the promise of improving crop yields and quality while helping to offset the adverse effects of conventional growing.

  • Nutrition.

    Macro- and micronutrients.

    Product reference: Mammoth Garden® Grow Me.
    Pipeline: Precision nutrition for the vegetative and bloom stages of plant growth.

  • Nutrition Enhancers (microbial).

    Product reference: MammothP®.
    Pipeline: MammothN® and MammothK®.

  • Specialty Supplements (additives).

    Minerals and compounds used for specific plant effects or responses.

    Product reference: Mammoth® Silica.
    Pipeline: Calcium Magnesium.

  • Plant Protection.

    Insect repellants, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

    Product reference: CannControl.

  • Rooting.

    Helps seedlings and cuttings become established and vigorous.

    Product references: Mammoth® Myco, Mammoth® Starter Plugs and Mammoth Garden® Plant Me.
    Pipeline: Mammoth® Rooting Gel.