As a data driven company, our goal is to share our knowledge with our customers. Below is a collection of resources that further describe some of our research.

The Importance of “P” in Plants

Phosphorus (P) is an essential macro element required for the success of all known life forms. In plants, P is especially important for early stage root development, stem strength, resistance to disease, nutrient uptake, flower formation, and yield. P is one of the...

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Using beneficial soil microbes to improve plant growth

Bacteria and fungi shaped Earth's soils structure and created habitable conditions for the evolution of plants. Microbes work together in clusters to support plant growth along the rhizosphere by delivering nutrients and preventing disease. Without these organisms,...

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The Importance of “K” in Plants

Potassium (K) is classified as a macro-nutrient and is considered second only to nitrogen in terms of its importance to plant growth. Plants require K for vital intracellular function which indirectly support plant growth, including nutrient transport, photosynthesis,...

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The Importance of “N” in Plants

Nitrogen (N) is an essential macro element required for the success of all known life forms, including cannabis plants. N acts as a key catalyst to support photosynthesis and other important biochemical reactions required for healthy cannabis growth. For example, N is...

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What are enzymes and what do they do?

Microbes and plants have a symbiotic relationship, where microbes produce enzymes that feed plants while plants feed microbes with carbon-rich exudates. The enzymes produced are specialized proteins that make nutrients available for plant uptake by breaking down...

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What is a consortium anyway?

Microbes are naturally occurring organisms that interact and need each other to survive. Plant health and success are determined by the ecological interactions between plants, microbes, and soil/media. Though there are some microorganisms that enhance plant health by...

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