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Growcentia utilizes a state of the art laboratory processes to create our products from a high-diversity source of soil microbes using a unique high-throughput methodology to select organisms for trait-specific functionality. This unique approach allows us to create a microbial consortium that is able to maintain viability and functionality in a variety of conditions.

What Are Microbes?

Microbes are the missing link in sustainable agriculture that can also meet the demands for increased yield and pathogen resistance. Growcentia aims to create sustainable and effective products by harnessing the power of microbes.

All of the microorganisms we source are naturally occurring in soils. These organisms help with decomposition, nutrient cycling, and other plant functions. Plants provide microbes with food in the form of carbon and microbes make nutrients available to plants and help prevent disease.

Microbes colonize the soil and release enzymes that are utilized by plants to increase nutrient uptake and promote vigorous growth.

How Microbes Work

No. 1

fertilizer input

No. 2

nutrients are bound
to compounds in the soil

No. 3

microbes break down bonds and
release enzymes the plant can utilize

No. 4

plants have an increase in
nutrient uptake

No. 5

plants are healthier, have
stronger/more robust root systems,
and have increased yields

Why Our Technology Works

We develop our products using proprietary technology to screen billions of soil microorganisms to identify those that are specialized for certain functions. We then select for further enhanced microbial efficiency to result in a consortium of bacteria that are the most effective. This advanced screening process differentiates us from other companies, as we are able to combine the most functionally effective species.

Highest Standards

We test multiple consortia with the same functional traits to find the best contenders. All of our products undergo rigorous testing in the lab and greenhouse before they are released to the market. If our prototypes do not meet our standards, we restart this process until we find an effective consortium.

Efficiency & Innovation

Our manufacturing process uses plant extracts as a base for microbial growth in commercial sized stainless steel fermenters. Sustainability and sterility are top priorities in our facility, with a continued focus on efficiency and innovation for moving into the future of production.

We create and manufacture organically derived plant biogrowth stimulants that enable growers to maximize plant growth, quality, and health.

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