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We aim to develop products that increase nutrient use efficiency and reduce fertilizer runoff. The microbes in our consortium are specialized for key functions in the growing cycle. All our products were designed to help growers reach their maximum yield potential without sacrificing quality.



Our Yeti brand is for growers of high value fruit and vegetable crops. We have rigorously tested these products in a variety of crops to find the most successful application rates and intervals. Our products help increase yields without sacrificing quality.

Yeti Bloom® is our organic microbial biostimulant for the specialty crop sector. Yeti works well in both soil and hydroponic systems, and can be seamlessly applied as part of standard management programs. These beneficial bacteria act like micro bioreactors, continually producing enzymes that release nutrients and stimulate fruit production. Yeti is proven to increase yield for a variety of crops in a range of growing conditions.

Yeti is proven to increase yield for a variety of crops in a range of growing conditions.


  • Nutrient Liberator
  • Hydro to Soil
  • University Tested








Our Mammoth brand is designed for use in the hydroponic crops industry. We have dialed in concentrations and application rates to best suit hydroponic crops growers. Our products range in sizes to accommodate the needs of both hobby and commercial growers. All of our products were specifically designed to combat the top growing challenges in the hydroponic crops industry.

Mammoth P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant for the hydroponic crops industry that was specifically designed to unlock P and micronutrients to maximize growth. Mammoth P is a liquid formula of beneficial bacteria that can be applied directly to soil, coco or recirculating hydroponic systems. Increased levels of P keep internodes shorter and focus energy on bud production. Mammoth P naturally accelerates the nutrient supply to plants to increase plant health, bud / flower size and quality, and yield.

From the earth.
For the earth.

Our products are derived naturally from the earth
and are fully certified for organic use.

High Standards

All of our products undergo rigorous testing in the
lab and greenhouse before they are released
to the market.

Seeding growth with loyal retail partnerships.

Mammoth has earned international partnerships with the following countries.
To-date, Mammoth is available in over 1,500 stores and counting.

Guaranteed to grow bigger
and better.

All of our products are tried and tested by independent growers across the country. This is why all of our products are backed by a 100% guarantee to see measurable results.

We create and manufacture organically derived plant biogrowth stimulants that enable growers to maximize plant growth, quality, and health.

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