We Are Scientists

At Growcentia, we harness and then unleash the power of nature to deliver biological products that enable people to grow in ways never thought possible.

Our Roots

Growcentia came to life when three top university researchers at Colorado State University with acclaimed backgrounds in soil and crop sciences and microbiology asked themselves a simple question: How do we use science to harness and then unleash the power of nature to grow better crops? Since 2015, Growcentia has been the answer. Growcentia delivers the power of nature by developing biological products that reduce or eliminate dependencies on conventional fertilizers, chemicals and synthetics. Suitable for all growers of all types, Growcentia’s suite of technology platforms and biological products are changing the game for professional growers in the horticulture and agriculture arenas and even for home gardeners.

The World of Biologicals

Our technologically advanced, nature-based products are used by growers on four continents — delivering healthier plants, increased yields and enhanced quality. More than 40 Growcentia professionals and scientists develop and market our products to 700 domestic retailers and three international distributors that serve retailers in the U.K., Spain and Australia. The Growcentia team has built a sustainable company with roots that run strong and deep.



Our mission is to empower growers everywhere with innovative solutions to help improve harvest yields and grow more nutritious food at scale using fewer resources. We collaborate with farmers, using advanced science to produce microbial and natural soil and plant health solutions to tackle their problems.

Horticulture (CEA)

We have a seven-year track record of helping indoor and hydroponic growers increase yields and improve the quality of their crops. Our impressive results have enabled us to turn our attention to enhancing the flavor and nutrition profiles of all types of food plants. And we do it using nature’s recipe. We call it sustainable nutrition, an approach that will radically change how we think about health and wellness for ourselves and the home we call Earth.


Home Garden

Growcentia’s Mammoth Garden products can help you grow beautiful gardens and nutritious food right in your own backyard. Our home garden products are developed specifically to be environmentally friendly, boost your blooms, keep fruits plentiful and delicious and produce bountiful harvests.

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